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08 May 12
Powerbrick Broadband Alarm Server
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08 May 12
Powerbrick Legacy Broadband Alarm Server
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08 May 12
Powerbrick Alarm
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For more than thirty five years, micron has designed and manufactured security products renowned for their reliability, ease of installation and ease of use.

Manufactured in our New Zealand factory using high speed SMT production lines, our products have a superior build quality and offer a rich set of installer and end user features.

Our access control, medical emergency response, alarm and internet connect alarm products are recognised for their product innovation and design excellence and offer exceptional customer value.

With a well established reputation within New Zealand, micron exports products to more than thirty five countries throughout Australia, Asia, North Africa, Europe and The Middle East.

In our export markets we have established a reputation as a New Zealand company manufacturing state-of-the-art security technologies.

At micron we pride ourselves in designing and manufacturing quality, world class security products that are reliable, cost effective, easy to install and easy to use.

Designed and manufactured in New Zealand for over 35 years.

New Product    EC-10 Lite Ethernet Converter

Micron’s EC-10 Lite ethernet converter converts any brand of POTS alarm panel to TCP/IP or UDP Contact ID communications over the internet.

EC-10 Lite converts PSTN Contact ID or Ademco High Speed signals to TCP or UDP in CSV format and transmits that data over the internet (or private network) to TCP/IP or UDP enabled central station receiver software.

Micron’s ethernet converters are designed for ease of installation and offer a plug-and-play IP upgrade option for legacy alarm panel technology.

New Product    Meridian 64 XML TCP/IP Internet Connect Alarm

Micron’s Meridian 64 XML TCP/IP alarm controller offers a world first in secure, through internet alarm reporting and communication to all existing central station receivers configured for internet connectivity.

The alarm panel can be manufactured with a backup Telco dialler option and programmed to communicate in any combination of IP, Telco, GPRS or GSM communication modes, to provide both primary and multiple backup communication options.  The Meridian 64 supports CBC encryption.

Meridian 64 can be accessed by a locally connected or remote internet connected computer or smartphone via the alarm panels IP address, with multi level security.  Programming screens provide a very intuitive graphical user interface that makes alarm programming easy and fast.

The alarm panel can be configured to monitor and reset the internet router or fibre optic ONT in the event the router or ONT stops communicating and can also be configured as a network backup power device, to ensure network availability and alarm communication in the event of a power failure to internet gateways.

The end user interface is via micron's new virtual computer or smartphone based keypad with multi level security, or our new icon LCD RS485 Bus keypad.  The virtual keypad enables alarm control and also displays the alarm panel's inputs and outputs, battery, mains, Telco and RF signal status.  End users can remotely control outputs for lights or water heating via the virtual keypad interface.

The Meridian 64 base system has 16 zones and can be expanded using 16 zone expansion modules, each with 5 outputs, to provide up to 64 zones.

With an on board RF receiver, alarm inputs can be a combination of wireless, addressable RS485 Bus connected or standard end of line alarm input devices.

Micron’s Meridian 64 TCP/IP alarm controller offers a world first in internet connectivity and native mode Contact ID CSV format through internet alarm monitoring.




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